is the acronym of a maritime and naval heritage visualisation platform providing access to reference resources and emblematic digitised maritime heritage artefacts of Greece while inviting further connection with digital platforms of a similar orientation both in Greece and Europe/internationally. The construction of NAFKLIROS as a platform is to be furthered and integrated with the Maritime Thesaurus to be completed by the project’s successor EN.I.R.I.S.S.T. Plus. The thousands of years long Greek maritime and naval heritage have bequeathed a very large number of related artefacts to the country’s organised collections a small percentage of which only is available in digital form and accessible electronically. The platform provides a general categorisation of these in nature and a fitting ontology for search and retrieval purposes and already - through actions within its sequel project EN.I.R.I.S.S.T. Plus - a basic Maritime Terms Glossary for beginners in the area of maritime heritage with essential modern shipping terms to fully evolve through EN.I.R.I.S.S.T Plus. The NAFLKIROS platform is the product of cooperation between academics, specialists and researchers across Departments of the University of the Aegean with the technical part co-designed and executed by a specialist team of academics and researchers the University of West Attica. Through academic mobility and legacy research projects more academic institutions have been involved in the development of additional facilities with the Ionian University team taking now the batton from the Unversity of the Aegean in leading through EN.I.R.I.S.S.T Plus the development of further linkages with services and other major national and European networks of cultural/maritime heritage.