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NAFKLIROS platform is powered by Islandora framework, and this makes it a very power, flexible, extendable system due to Open Source components.

Microservices components bundled under Islandora Crayfish:
FITS, Homarus, Houdini - ImageMagick, Hypercube, Milliner, Recast

Other Open Source used:
Apache, ActiveMQ, Karaf, Tomcat, Solr, Blazegraph, Cantaloupe, Drupal, Fedora, Matomo, MySQL

More info for Islandora and the customizing of NAFKLIROS can be found in detail on below links:

Islandora Architectural Diagram

Basic Islandora user/admin usage (instructions)

Users administration



NAFKLIROS is powered by Islandora's accessibility features (currently provided by Drupal and contributed Drupal modules). Below pages within the Accessibility section of the Drupal documentation can provide guidance:


Integration capabilities of NAFKLIROS (powered by Islandora / Drupal)

Uses microservices - Islandora provides an architecture for messaging and integration with any number of microservices, that provide services outside of the Drupal framework. Islandora's Crayfish suite of microservices provides functionality for synchronizing resources into Fedora and for automatically generating helper files, called derivatives.

Offers digital preservation features - Using a robust storage layer for preservation (Fedora), and generating technical metadata with FITS, are digital preservation tools provided by our automated installation methods.

Exposes data to harvesters - Metadata about resources is available as linked data through the JSON-LD serialization module, and can be made available through Drupal, Fedora, or a triplestore. Islandora Starter Site also offers a full configuration for exposing OAI-PMH so that metadata can be harvested by aggregators, and IIIF support means images in Islandora can be viewed in any IIIF-compliant viewer.



IIIF Framework


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